The Model

A network of churches resourcing vetted church planters and revitalization efforts.

We Partner Together

It’s overwhelming to try to lift a telephone pole lying on the ground by yourself—but it’s possible with a dozen friends. Likewise, planting or revitalizing a church can be overwhelming if there is only one sponsor church, and this is why Plant Indy begins with partnerships. In conjunction with a network of denominational, associational, and church planting entities, over a dozen like-minded churches pool their resources together to fund church plants and revitalizations. These Partner Churches are also committed to the patient process of raising up pastors who can be sent out to these new churches. It’s from these Partner Churches that officers are chosen to be on the Plant Indy Administrative Team.

We Vet Applicants

The Administrative Team receives applications from prospective church planters/revitalizers and conducts a thorough vetting process regarding an applicant’s character, competence, theology, and ministry philosophy. This process includes detailed questionnaires and an interview with both the applicant and his wife. After approval, the applicant enters a new phase of partnership with Plant Indy, which usually involves a church planting residency. During this stage, the planter or revitalizer begins writing a strategy proposal for the church. Moreover, a representative from the applicant’s sending church comes onto the Administrative Team. The applicant only proceeds to the next phase of partnership with the blessing of his sending church, so that the sending church has the final say.

We Resource Church Plants and Revitalizations

The applicant submits a strategy for the church he plans to pastor. Once the Applicant’s church strategy is approved, he enters the next stage of partnership with Plant Indy, which includes dynamic financial support that is scaled on the basis of need. Beyond financial support, Plant Indy also provides a network of experienced and relational support through our Advisors and Partner Churches—some of whom may even send members to the new church endeavor. With God’s help, the new church plant or revitalization begins the process of training up more elder-qualified men so that this process can repeat again and again for the glory of God—not merely in Central Indiana, but stretching to the ends of the earth!

An Abbreviated Snapshot for Church Planters & Revitalizers:

  1. Submit your application packet
  2. Go through the interview and vetting process
  3. Upon approval of your application, pursue church planting training (usually through a residency) while working on a church proposal
  4. Upon approval of your proposal, receive funds from Plant Indy as needed
  5. Raise up and send out other pastors to plant and revitalize more churches!

An Abbreviated Snapshot for Partner Churches:

  1. Invite your leadership team to prayerfully consider the opportunity to plant and revitalize churches in central Indiana
  2. Review Plant Indy’s theological beliefs and philosophy of ministry (This prospectus may be helpful in sharing with your leadership team)
  3. Invite a Plant Indy Administrative Team member to meet with your leadership team
  4. Prayerfully consider your church’s level of financial partnership
  5. Prayerfully consider how your church might send members, a pastor to lead a plant, or host a church planting residency